"TFOML is a really inspiring book about the battles we often run from, I truly appreciate the author’s transparency and willingness to bare all for the sake of her readers! TFOML to me is an instruction manual for all of us who have been knocked down and need a little extra energy to continue the fight! Truly a great read!"

-Keisha Campbell

"I really had to fight back my tears as I read the first five chapters! My GOD that book is nothing short of amazing, this will touch so many people, in so many parts of the world, your name will be in places that your feet haven’t been in, get ready to take off!"

-Rick Campbell

“This book is filled with such wisdom. It is engaging and impactful. The transparent approach is what I love the most! It is truly beneficial to the readers. I am confident that “The Fight of My Life” will help people everywhere.”

-Kesha Robinson

"Nothing has given me greater joy than to have read this book written by Latricia (Missy) Jacobs who I claim as my own. She is a God-Ordained WOG, wife, mother, grandmother, and mentor to many. This book is going to heal, deliver, and set captives free. It was written with you in mind."

-Sophia Dews