Latricia ‘Missy’ Jacobs, is the founder of Royalty Diadem Ministries and Amazon Best Selling author of The Fight of My Life. Committed to the call, this loving woman of God is an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, mentor, counselor, motivational speaker, evangelist, teacher and preacher; with an Apostolic call on her life.


Known to most as Minister Missy, this devoted servant of the Lord is gifted with Dreams and Visions to evangelize, reach the lost and win souls for the kingdom. Her character exemplifies integrity, coupled with a tenacity that captures the hearts of all who yearn to be delivered.


Many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14).  It is not by happenstance that she wears so many hats.  At the tender age of 9, this native Washingtonian was introduced to Christ at Free Gospel Deliverance Temple under the leadership of the late Apostle Ralph E. Green and Pastor Shirley M. Green. 


Navigated by the Holy Spirit, Missy was led to Victory Christian Church International in Gaithersburg, MD, Pastored by Dwayne Brewington. With a desire to grow in the Lord, she finally answered the call on her life. Minister Jacobs began classes at Healing the Children’s Bread under the leadership of Ministers Jonathan and LeCora Taylor.  The foundation was set and she learned how to meditate on the word of God and understand the manifestation of healing power. 

 In, 2012 she successfully completed a 2-year discipleship course, which catapulted her into ministry.  “God’s Chosen Child” was given a license to spread the Gospel as an Ordained Minister in 2013 by Pastor’s Wayne & Michelle Green “Armor of Light Christian Worship Center.”


God continued to poor into Minister Missy and after a series of life events, she stepped out on faith and established an Outreach Ministry, “Royalty.” Royalty’s mission stems from 1Peter 2:9 - A royal priesthood (Kings & Queens) speaking into the lives of a chosen generation: teaching the good news, comforting the broken-hearted and setting the captives free.  Her unorthodox approach to counsel, mentor and teach has fostered many relationships with the “unchurched;” drawing their souls back to Christ.


God spoke to her and said to “go by Lady M! [just as] he changed Abram to Abraham. You matured… But most importantly you are a miracle!”  


Obedience and Faith have catapulted her in places she only dreamt of, in light of all the recognition she has received. As a woman of vision and purpose, Lady M is soon to be a global icon for her leadership, integrity, and compassion, but her primary purpose is to serve.